The application is called Rekz.

The general game mechanics involve scrolling the map to search for the dinosaur and eggs as a prize.

When you log into the application the welcome screen appears, which shows the prize amount at the current time. The user then sees a map, on which are eggs and the dinosaur. The eggs are placed statically and the dinosaur (the top prize) moves erratically on the map at a certain interval. There is one Rekz; the number of eggs we regulate ourselves. We set the prize amount for eggs and for the capture of Rekz. Every day the eggs position on the map changes. Users receive details via push notifications. Push notifications inform them about the amount of prize money for finding Rekz.

Rekz and eggs are seen under a certain scale; the application has an indicator that lights up when the zoom is large enough to display Rekz and eggs. There are two active buttons in the app: key information and the hint button. By clicking on the hint button the user opens the clue as to where to look for Rekz. We give tips and decide what to write in it by ourselves. A new hint is sent to the user as a push notification. Music in the app also works as a hint when the user approaches Rekz. The music speed increases 3 times depending on the distance to Rekz. By clicking the Info button a pop-up window appears and displays information about the number of eggs, the amount of money prize for their location and the amount of money prize for finding Rekz.

The winner is the one who finds Rekz or his eggs, click on it and share it via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The prize is real money and to receive it the user should contact us. The exact award amount is shown in the pop-up message. We define the size of the prize by ourselves without any agreement. Users can get money only through a PayPal or Stripe account. If someone finds Rekz all users receive a push-up notification about this.